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Reflecting our values in everything we do

written by Jeff Wilkins CEO

Startups spend a lot of time thinking about the type of corporate culture they'd like to create, and the values they should personify. But it's not enough to simply articulate a long list of trendy terms. Values used as window dressing for recruiting or investor pitches are more likely to induce vomiting than any lasting impact. Core values must be validated and affirmed every day.

At Motili, we've thought long and hard about how to balance the needs of our team members, clients, and contractor stakeholders. We can't simply promise unconditional love—your parents, family, and friends provide that. Motili isn't a paternalistic organization able to shield our team from the realities of startup life. The social contract at Motili involves a mutual commitment. If you deliver the very best you've got, we'll recognize and reward it. We'll move heaven and earth to help you advance and grow your career.

So what type of person is a fit for Motili? We're seeking straight-A colleagues:  

  • Action. We have a bias for action and value doers over dreamers. We look to create solutions that push boundaries, and not just answer why, but why not?
  • Accountability. We deliver on our commitments to clients, contractors, and most importantly, to ourselves. When we hire you for a job, we expect you to do it and do it well. We don't believe in micro-management.
  • Advancement. We're not satisfied with the status quo, and we continually strive to improve. Every team member develops a personalized career progression plan to hone new skills and take on new responsibilities. We don't expect you to retire from Motili with a gold watch, but while you're here, you'll be challenged to grow every day.
  • Authenticity. Be clear, consistent, and concise.  At Motili, we believe in straight talk with colleagues, clients, and contractors.
  • (No) Assholes. Starting a company is a huge undertaking. We spend a lot of time with our colleagues and long hours on the job. If you aren't fun to work with and can't get along with others, we'd be happy to make an introduction to one of our competitors.
If this sounds like you, then we just might get along.

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