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Introducing: Motili On-Site Mobile App


We are excited to announce that the new Motili On-Site iPhone app is now available in the App Store! Motili On-Site was designed to be intuitive and easy to use for contractors. Our goal in creating the app was to allow contractors to complete more tasks on the go, reducing the amount of back-office work and saving valuable time.

How will Motili On-Site help you and why should you give our new app a try?

  • Efficiency. You can use Motili On-Site to accept and manage jobs, fulfill necessary work order requirements and view your work history from your iPhone. Instead of taking photos on your phone and uploading them to your computer, now you can add photos to a work order directly from your phone's photo library or take a photo using the app. You can also complete checklists, making sure that no details get missed and your work is fully complete.
  • Simplicity. We built Motili On-Site with simplicity in mind. The clean design and user interface make it easy to understand what you need to do in order to complete a work order.
  • Accessibility. Motili On-Site gives you access to all of the details about your jobs whenever you need them. The app shows details about how to access properties, gives you directions to the job site and allows you to check-in when on-site to provide the exact date, time, and location of your arrival.
  • Communication. Getting in touch with the Motili team has never been easier. Motili On-Site allows you to leave comments about jobs and view any messages from the Motili team. This will allow you to resolve any possible issues faster.

See for yourself how Motili On-Site can help you do your work more efficiently and save you time. Give Motili On-Site a try today! You can download the app in the App Store: https://appsto.re/us/YV4Jcb.i Use your existing contractor email and password to log in after you download the app.

Motili is always working on developing new technology for our contractors to make their jobs easier. We plan to continue to add new features to the app and also have plans to create an Android version. If you have any questions or feedback about Motili On-Site, please let us know!

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