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Letter from the CTO


written by Greg Pasquariello CTO

We are hiring. Front-end, back-end and full-stack developers, with a focus on Javascript, Node.js, Mongo, Postgres, Loopback, Angular, React, and React Native. Contact me directly if you have an interest. We love people in our Denver office, but work equally well with employees and contractors located anywhere in the world!

My technology vision for Motili is a simple one. My team is focused on providing the systems necessary to support the Motili business, and to build the technology stack and the APIs to connect business processes, workflows, equipment, and people, in order to expand and enhance both our business, and the business of our clients.

Additionally, as the CTO, I believe it's important to give everyone the opportunity to participate in, and to learn, new technologies, and to provide the ability to use the best solutions in our products. As we strive to be responsive and nimble, we each have the opportunity and the responsibility to learn the newest technologies that currently support our vision, or that have the potential to support our vision moving forward.

I encourage everyone to participate in the various aspects of our technology stack; front-end, back-end, database, deployment, qa, etc. I also encourage them to research new ideas and technologies, and to bring them to bear on our efforts.

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